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Best Doctors provides access to leading medical minds from New Zealand and around the world. So you can be confident you’re making the right decisions about your medical care.

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the process were so professional and efficient.”

“Right from the start, Best Doctors were so reassuring, and the service was flawless.”

“I'm now 95% repaired. The operation was life changing.”

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team was genuinely interested in helping us. And they really listened.”

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Your case is reviewed by a world-leading medical expert. One of more than 53,000 Best Doctors in over 450 medical specialties and subspecialties.

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You make a confidential call to Best Doctors and we match your case to one of our leading global specialists. Our expert makes a recommendation. You and your doctor make an informed decision.

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We’re on call for over 30 million members in 70 countries. Whether you’re questioning surgery, facing a life-threatening illness or addressing an ongoing condition, we help you get the information you need.

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Our members call us for a variety of reasons:

  • 61% condition isn't improving
  • 75% need help deciding on a treatment
  • 31% doubts about recommended surgery
  • 76% confirmation of diagnosis
  • 54% doubts about information received from their specialist
  • 45% to have a better understanding of their medical condition